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celebrating outstanding innovation in media.

Presented by Ad Fed


Listen, some media people just get it.

And by “it,” we don’t just mean free booze, concert tickets and 50-pound fruit baskets (although they definitely get plenty of those too). No, we’re talking about those teams who absolutely kill it at strategizing, planning and running innovative, groundbreaking ad campaigns—and we’re saying it’s high time their successes be celebrated.

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Introducing the Minnies.

The Minnies is an exciting new award show presented by Ad Fed designed to give outstanding media professionals their due.

Save the date for next year’s show. Set to be presented January 22nd, 2020. You’re not going to want to miss this!


Didn’t submit work this year?

No worries! You’ll have another chance to show off next year. Check back here to register to attend The Minnies 2020.


The 2019 Minnies Judges are:

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